Choosing Your Wedding Accommodation

When you are choosing your wedding accommodation, you need to be careful. This is because you want you and your guests to be comfortable and feel special. Having a wedding accommodation is vital because your guests will feel relaxed without worrying about how they will get home. Some guests will be coming from other cities, and thus they would prefer to arrive the previous day. It would be easier for them when you already have a wedding accommodation St Andrews. This article will help you in settling for the best wedding accommodation.


wedding accommodationWhen you are choosing  wedding accommodation in St Andrews , you want one that is near your wedding venue. If your wedding is in a guest-house or B&B, then this is not a problem as you can book rooms in the B&B accommodation. Therefore, if your wedding is in another locale, you want to choose an accommodation where guests can easily walk to the venue.

If your wedding venue does not have somewhere to stay nearby, you should consider having transportation services for the guests. Some people do not book accommodation for guests, but it is courteous to know where your guest will stay. This is crucial if your wedding is outside your hometown or country.

Friendly Budget

It is your wedding period, and therefore you deserve a luxury lifestyle. However, you need to consider your guests as they have travelled to attend the wedding. This means they are already spending. The accommodation should be relaxing and comfortable. You can make the stay more affordable by talking to the management. Negotiate with the manager to give you a discount because you will be booking many rooms. Therefore, your guests will book the rooms using the wedding invitation to get the discount. Also, choose a place that offers free parking to guests, ideally.

High-Quality Services

You should choose a wedding accommodation which is convenient and offers high-quality services. For instance, here at Dukeside Lodge, breakfast is included in the accommodation payment. Moreover, the bar should be open because your guests would like to celebrate the special occasion. Also, the rooms should have TVs, internet access and some amenities. The guests will highly appreciate these services.

Book the accommodation early enough to avoid last-minute inconveniences. You can communicate with the reception to ensure there are flowers or gift cards on the guests’ rooms. This will make them feel welcomed and appreciated.

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